Italian-American Society of Tulsa 
13176 S. 92nd E. Ave Bixby, OK 74008


Founding Father's
"It was started for fellowship and to preserve our ethnic heritage and culture, "said Palmer an article in the Tulsa World, Thursday, February 19, 1981. "There were five guys who got together originally: Sammy Pagna; John Carrara; Tony Montelbano; Joe Calabro; and Joe Shallo."
Past Presidents
1978     Sammy Pagna   
1979     John Carrara    
1980     Steve Palmer    
1981     Roger Angeli     
1982     Nick Cellino       
1983     John Diello        
1984     Mary Bidasio     
1985     Paul Lovoi       

1986        Andy Bidasio
1987-88       Mike Gulizio
1989        Joe Bianco Sr    
1990-92       Carl Palermo
1992-94       Gene Ruggeri
1994-96       Eric Ortega
1996-98       Frank Pacenza
1998-2000   David Caravella

2000-02      Ken Rutherford
2002-05      Mary Jo Parenti Tannehill
2005-06      Sal Gargiulo
2006-07       Scott Brogna
2007-10       Vince J. Sposato III
2010            Frank Agostini

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Our Mission
The objective of the Society is to retain and promote the Italian language, culture, and heritage; to sponsor Italian-American cultural activities within the Society and Community; to represent and advocate the interests of Italian-Americans; improve the relationship between the people of Italy and the United States; and to perform charitable works.